the blackheart story

In just a few years, since their song 'Unlike Water' was used on the Moben Kitchens TV commercial British multi-instrumentalist duo Blackheart have recorded three albums, enjoyed airplay in nearly every country in the world and played successful tours of UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands plus two headline tours of Australia and New Zealand.

Their music and unique sound shun categorisation, combining acoustic instruments and the voice of Chrissy Mostyn with ancient synthesisers, effects, atmospherics and electronica to create a new brand of avant-garde ethereal folk. Their highly personal, haunting music is flavoured with piercing observations and penetrating lyrics which, as Australia's Western Star commented, “Take their audiences from uplifting to heartbreaking in a single song.”

Blackheart’s sonically and emotionally uninhibited third album 'Songs From A Satellite' entered the Amazon chart at No.52 three days after release in November 2013 and one month later was awarded second place Album Of The Year in the US Indie Music Awards. Music critic James Douglas said “Blackheart are firmly based in that curiously eccentric British tradition that spawned the Strawbs and the earliest incarnation of Pink Floyd, their referencing includes everything that’s great in rock, from the great English folk bands to the all-pervasive influence of The Velvet Underground, all washed with the purity of Travis"

“Stunningly beautiful. Blackheart are on the fringe of true greatness” Kensington & Chelsea Today
"Fantastically creative" Antonia Brickell, BBC Cambridge
"Utterly magical" John Gillmore, BBC Lancashire
"Supremely gifted" Sean Hewitt, Nottingham Post
"Wonderfully inventive" Maria Williams, South Wales Argus
"Undoubtedly one of the best things to come out of England in recent years" FATEA Magazine
“Just an amazing CD start to finish” LadyLake Indie Music Awards New York

Early Days

Blackheart was born in Manchester, England in 2007 when Chrissy Mostyn and Rick Pilkington met by chance at a rehearsal room. Chrissy, who was a student at the time, had joined yet another band as their lead singer. The drummer with the band happened to be the roadie for Rick's band which he had been a member of since he was himself a teenager.

2007 - 2009 Indigo Days

The evening they met Rick had come along to one of his friends' band rehearsals to see their new singer who happened to be Chrissy. There was instant chemistry and the pair became almost inseparable. That same week Chrissy emailed Rick some lyrics for a song she was working on and later that same day Rick had written the music. They met in a car park in Chorley on Rick's way home from work to play her the music and it was there the musical romance began.

Soon they had bought a 20 year old live-in tourbus called Bachanga and headed off on the road with their newly written songs. In their first year they performed 148 concerts and recorded their debut album 'Indigo' getting rave reviews from the likes of Radio 2's Aled Jones and US TV guru Dalton Delan who stated "Blackheart do not sound like anyone else. Rather they remind us why music lifts us up"

It was around this time that they got more breaks when their track Unlike Water was used on a huge UK TV commercial and they got their first publishing deal - in the US with David Foreman's Zelig Music.

2009-2011 Invisible Days

The moment Indigo was complete work commenced on their second album, Invisible. This album released a new depth in their writing with many intensely personal songs. 'Flyaway' mourns the tragic passing of Chrissy's niece, 'Glasgow, Tuesday, 6pm' uses actual words from a conversation the band had with two beautiful, homeless alcoholics on the street after a gig in Scotland. Rick's angry 'Names in the Rain' condemns disrespect for war heroes, and Lochgelly Lives tells the true story of wasted lives in a small Scottish town. The album starts with one of the band's most popular and enduring songs Wednesday Afternoon and ends with the moving and melancholy title track, Invisible. The album was released on Angel Air Records in 2009.

Their go-get attitude resulted in their first TV appearance on Good Morning TV in New Zealand. Chrissy had learned about a contact at TVNZ and thought there was no harm in sending some material. The producer responded within 24 hours saying how much he loved their sound and immediately offering them a prime slot on the show. They have since returned to the show.

Good times, bad times

It hasn't always been smooth sailing for the band, they have had their share of knock backs, broken promises and disasters. On June 22nd 2011 they had just been offered the biggest gig of their career playing in front of 10,000 people as special guests of Peter Andre. Terrified and thrilled the pair headed home only to be hit by a 44 ton truck on the M6 when the driver fell asleep. Their tourbus was smashed into, flipped over and rammed off the motorway before coming to a halt when it demolished a lamppost on the hard shoulder. Incredibly both Chrissy and Rick managed to climb out of the wreckage relatively unharmed but devastated as their home and all of their belongings had been destroyed.

After just three weeks off for recovery, the pair put themselves back together and headed back on the road. They spent three months playing in Australia and New Zealand only to return to be immediately and quite spookily involved in another identical road traffic accident. This time all of their guitars and equipment had been damaged with some beloved instruments beyond repair. Yet again within two weeks with borrowed instruments they were playing a BBC Radio Christmas show.

The pair have admitted that most people probably would have given up after such tragedy, but it seemed to spur them on further "Two near death experiences seemed to wake us to how fragile life is, and also how important it is to do what you love'" After this Blackheart's sound seemed to evolve faster than at any other time, with a new feeling of creative freedom. Their new record ''Songs From a Satellite'' was released in October 2013. The band's troubadour lifestyle continues. In the last two years they have toured the UK, Ireland, Germany and Holland plus two headline tours of Australia and New Zealand and have built an incredibly loyal worldwide fanbase.

Musically they still don't sound like anyone else and describe their music as "a fusion of art and pop and rock"

Artists that Blackheart have worked with include Jane Siberry, Stackridge, Sad Cafe, Hazel O'Connor, Brian Kennedy, Cerys Matthews, Peter Andre and many more.